maths study via The Open University

M208 with The Open University

I’m a bit late starting this blog – the course kicked off at the end of January – but better late than never.

Maybe. 🙂

The intro block came and went fairly uneventfully. There were no surprises in the TMA, although the equivalence relation question was a bit of a head-scratcher.

Not enough head-scratching took place, evidently, as I lost marks on the question.

I also “proved” another question backwards and lost another couple of marks.

Still, considering 18 months ago, I didn’t know how to plot a co-ordinate point on a graph, I suppose that I should be grateful for the TMA result I got.

The OU seems to be frowning ever deeper on people revealing their marks, so I won’t. Suffice to say it was a grade one pass, but only just.

Can that be repeated on TMA2 – group theory?

Well, that TMA has been done for a fortnight now. I’ve been meaning to post it off since the 7th but, not having a photocopier or scanner and the one in work being broken, I haven’t had time to drag myself to a newsagents yet and make a copy just in case the original disappears in the post, much like the camera the wife posted to her sister last month. Gah.

TMA2 held no surprises that I could see (touches wood rapidly), nor did the block of study itself, although I found it time consuming as not all material sank into my grey matter first time, or second time around.

So, up-to-date, I’m on the Linear Algebra block now. Happy days, I thought, until I got bogged down in LA1, the intro block.

There’s nothing wildly revelationary in there but it has taken a little time to get my head round some of its content. I’ve attempted part one of the TMA but have to say – I know there are errors in my presentation and I’m really not happy with it.

I’m technically, what, 3 weeks ahead of the course calendar but I have a feeling that this advantage will be mopped up and spat out in this block.

Need to set more time aside – 20 hours a week isn’t going to cut it, especially when you’re a non-intuitive mathematician like me (read: normal bloke).

While I have the odd paddy fit with the course – books on the floor, teddy out of the pram, and trample off downstairs for a cigarette – it is brilliantly designed, really.

And, as much as I want to hate it all and switch to law or economics, I know I’ll be suffering the pain of MST209 next year; that is, unless M208 really does drive me to the edge of no return.

I guess I love it really.

Even if it does hurt.

The wife thinks I’m a bit mad, cooped up in a room that’s proportional to a chicken coop for a hen, getting through a 500-sheet pack of plain A4 paper every month with scribbles, sketches and the odd deep dark line through mistakes.

No tears yet, though.

I’m off to re-read LA1’s first three chapters now. Just to see how much is committed to memory. Should be done by 2am.

Then up at 7am for a looming 48 hour working week.

Still, it could be worse. I could be down the pub. Or out on a motorbike.



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