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M208 linear block continued

After a quick revision of book LA1, I tweaked the answer to the first TMA question ever so slightly, just so it read a bit better.

The second question took a lot less time than I thought it might, thankfully, as conics and I are not best friends.

In fact, I lost much of the momentum I had built up through the course by getting bogged down in the conics stuff toward the end of the book. Much was revision from the previous course, MS221, but that didn’t make it any more enjoyable, or even that much easier.

LA2 is much more my sort of thing – linear algebra without the geometry, and introducing and implementing techniques which are, apparently, amazingly useful from here on in maths….

The TMA question on this block looks surprisingly easy – I solved the equation without using the row-reduction method in about 30 seconds, and will use the row-reduction method tomorrow night to derive the answer in the (hopefully) correct fashion, then compare it to my earlier answer.

The great thing with linear algebra (for me, anyway) is that there seems to be no end to the amount of stuff on the internet relating to this (vast) topic.

I am currently wading through MIT’s linear algebra lectures, all on video on Youtube, and, it seems, many other places, too.

So, thankyou MIT and Gilbert Strang – you have one loyal follower at least from the OU. 🙂

Not that the OU’s notes leave you needing to access any other information source, although it is nice to see it all come to life on video (no videos/DVDs from the OU for linear algebra – just audio files which don’t excite me, if I’m honest).

Anyhow, back to filing an almost due tax return, doing a bit of overtime for work, and various other things right now.

I have no time, really, to make this blog look pretty – it’s just words. No nice stuff.

No idea if it will ever get listed on Google either – for now it’s me writing to, er, me, from the looks of it.

Ah well.

Right. Tea, then back to work.


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