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Approaching the finish-line

So, I got a high pass one on analysis II in the end and ended up needing all of 15% or so on the final (whole course revision) TMA to get a first class honours pass on the assignment side.

There is still the exam to come, of course, which may change everything.

I haven’t yet had the final assignment result back from my rather excellent tutor, but I’m confident of more than 15% at least.

So, it looks like I have a first on the assignment side.

Now revising heavily for the exam itself and finding most of the group theory and analysis to be fairly plain sailing. My biggest surprise has been how little I remember of the linear algebra but I have to say skim-reading each one of the five books (about 3 hours per book) is bringing it back quickly.

I’m still hesitant to predict a first class exam pass since it really only needs two questions to go badly and that’s a candidate’s chances out of the window.

But I hope to have the tools in the bag by the exam (October 13) to at least manage a pass two (2.1 equivalent in normal uni speak).

I reckon I have approx 80 hours of revision to go before the exam and have tried a few past papers with moderate success this far out – the 2008 past paper seemed the trickiest of the lot so far.

Now deciding on courses for next year and it looks like M248 (stats) plus one level three course (from graphs, complex analysis, number theory or, possibly, optimisation, will win out. Either way, it will only be a 60 point year for me next year – unless I decide to study full time to get the degree over with (which is still an option), in which case it’ll be a full 120 points – 2 x second level stats, 2 x third level maths.

Looking forward to, but also dreading, the exam.

A big thanks to my tutor on the course (Frances), who has been as prompt as anything in replying to queries and clearing up blind spots when I have them.

I haven’t met her as I haven’t made it to any lectures this year, but she’s always there by phone and email, and is a very prompt marker of assignments, too.

Open University – 10/10 for my tutor.

Will post again just before the exam to reveal my biggest fears material-wise and to offer any nuggets of revision wisdom I might have for future M208 sittees (is that a word?).