maths study via The Open University

Unit 5, and a summary of units 1 to 4.

Unit 1: a review of stuff OU students will have covered in MST121 and MS221. Difficulty: 1 out of 10.
Unit 2: first order differential equations – straightforward techniques but a bit to remember. Difficulty: 3 out of 10.
Unit 3: second order differential equations – revolves around solving auxiliary equations and finding particular integrals – moderate calculus required. Difficulty: 2 out of 10.
Unit 4: vector algebra – I preferred the way MST121 dealt with the dot product. Cross product is straightforward. Assignment question is a little odd. Difficulty: 3 out of 10.


Second (final) part of first assignment done. Difficulty: 3 out of 10.


And so, on to unit 5, which introduces Newton’s Laws of Motion and gets up to pace very rapidly. Deceptive amount covered in relatively few pages. Looking toward the next few chapters, I can see the need to be able to model, mathematically, many varied situations.

My interest in unit 5 – which tackled statics – is high.

I watched this excellent video from MIT, which is a great introduction to the topic:

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