maths study via The Open University

Unit 6 – a summary

First off, I’m glad to say that unit 6 (dynamics) seemed a lot easier than unit 5 (statics).

That said, there’s a lot of algebraic manipulation and a fair bit of integral calculus (often integrating twice).
Separation of variables had better be your friend by the time you get here.
You’d also better be pretty good at performing “u-substitutions”, exponentiating log functions with algebraic coefficients, and, most key, deriving (or using from the handbook if given) the most appropriate equations – ie recognising what to use, when.

Since unit 6 is application of maths techniques and, hence, is a step-by-step process without ambiguity, I reckon it scores a 5 on this week’s difficulty scale (10 being hardest).

Models for friction, air resistance, terminal velocity and water resistance are developed and applied. Great fun to be honest.
The assignment question looks fair – I’m about to start it now.


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