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Exam dates out

Ah. Ar5e.

MST209 – 18 October, 10am to 1pm (think that’s a Tuesday).

M248 – 19 October, 10am to 1pm.

Just ar5e.

The requirement is now to carry around all the knowledge from a significantly overloaded 60 point calculus and mechanics course (which is more like 90 points) and a 30 point statistics course, and be tested on the whole lot in the space of 27 hours.

This news means I need to phone the OU tomorrow and look at the implications of suspending study of M248. Whether that results in course fail or course postponement, I have no idea. I’ll also phone both course lecturers tomorrow and have a chat.

Did I say ar5e?

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  1. Hi

    That is certainly a tough exam schedule. Pretty inconsiderate too in my opinion. Although 90 points is not that common, I really doubt that this is an unusual combination you’ve got!

    I hope the OU were reasonable when you contacted them. I can’t see who it would benefit to penalise you for postponing a course. There must be all kinds of legitimate reasons why someone has to pull out, including unmanageable exam schedules.

    I was lucky to find, after I’d read this and dashed to my course pages to check, that I have a day’s grace between mine at least. But even with that, I’m a bit worried!

    Good luck!

    April 18, 2011 at 10:59 AM

    • Hi Neil,
      Funnily enough, I was over at your blog earlier today. I fancy the complex analysis course you’re doing but M381 = shudder.
      I see you’ve been pulling all-nighters – I sympathise after doing the same with M208 last year – after 2 days of no sleep the world turns upside down.
      I haven’t contacted the OU yet because I’m still thinking.
      Strictly, I don’t even need MST209 for my degree since I’ll likely end up doing the maths&stats, or econs and math sciences – both of which require either M208 or MST209.
      Since I’ve done M208, it might just make sense to drop MST209 and continue on with M248 only, though it would be a pity.
      The reality is that I am just not good enough to juggle a job, MST209 and M248 all at the same time, although I appreciate many students are. Hence, something has to give.
      I plan to see *if* I can get MST’s 3rd assignment and M248’s second assignment in without having a wobble – both are, typically, due in on the same day in early May. If I survive that ordeal (miles behind on M248 now and needing to put in about 6 hours an evening every evening, plus all day on bank holidays and weekends between now and the deadline), I might reassess. But if the M248 assignment comes back with a poor mark, I’ll have to drop one of the two courses. My own fault for biting off way more than I can chew. My fullest admiration goes to anyone who can manage the workload, get top grades, and not have a strop.
      Edit: seems I can no longer spell. 🙂

      April 18, 2011 at 6:29 PM

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