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Unit 15 – modelling heat transfer

I’d read on the course forum that MST209’s unit 15 was relatively short and relatively easy.
I agree.
It took about eight hours from start to finish to get through it, and about another five minutes for the associated TMA question. A welcome relief after a few weeks of slog.
The TMA question was suspiciously straightforward, with no OU “twist” that I could see. Hmm. Did I miss something?
Anyway, for those planning on taking MST209 in the future, you do get an easier unit just after the halfway mark.

15 units down, 13 to go.

If I had an exam on this much material, I figure I’d be ok.

Quite how I’ll attempt an exam on this much material, plus another 13 units, I’ve no idea.

The exam is beginning to play on my mind – and it’s still 4 and a half months away.

I’ll start unit 16 tomorrow, which puts me just one day behind the course schedule.

Good stuff.

MST209 TMA3 result in

My lecturer is awesomely quick – results arrived via the letterbox today.
Two small observations made.
Very high pass one score.
All good.

Having been locked out of the course forum for a few days (fixed yesterday) after the minor mishap of cancelling the wrong course by mistake, I’ve been approaching the course material from another direction – by watching a ridiculous amount of MIT lectures on Youtube.
This led me to going off at a tangent and examining Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion which, I’ve just been informed, are in MST209 later on.
They are quite fascinating, although exploring them on my own has raised more questions than it has provided answers.

Study of unit 13 starts tonight. I plan to tackle the first section between 6pm and 10pm tonight. At first glance, it looks tricky.