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TMA4 and the first CMA – done

I submitted the first CMA (computer marked assignment) a couple of weeks ago.

Last night was the cut-off point.

In the 22 hours since that cutoff point, I’ve worn out my refresh button waiting for the results which, I had assumed, would be immediately forthcoming given that a computer “marks” the submission.

They haven’t been and a message says: “Awaiting Feedback”.

Why the impatience?

Well, because the CMA assesses our knowledge of the first half of the course and I deliberately completed it without referring very much to the course notes.

It’s my test of whether I’m understanding and retaining the material.

I’ll give it until five-past-midnight tonight…. not that I’m impatient or anything…. before going to bed.

TMA 4 is sat here waiting to be posted – unit 16 was also straightforward – but I’ll do my usual trick of leaving it a couple of days, then checking it over before sending to my tutor.

And, so, on to unit 17, which I’ll start on Sunday since Saturday = digging up the garden prior to turning it into a modern wilderness of waterproof membrane beneath three tonnes of decorative gravel.

Unit 17 is titled “Damping, forcing and resonance”. And that’s as much as I know since I haven’t opened it yet (opening it requires finding the Block 5 book, which is, er, somewhere).


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