maths study via The Open University

12 hours straight (nearly)

Feeling quite chuffed with myself today.

Stopped twice for 10 minutes to check my emails and have a quick check of my favourite internet blogs, and stopped once for food for 20 minutes.

The rest of the day has been spent immersed in unit 17, filling in every gap where a large amount of algebra is left out of the book (the unit emphasizes getting a handle on the physics rather than the diff eqs).

I’ve solved some horrible particular solutions today. How many “omegas” can you fit into one solution? Blimey.

The pay-off for this hard-work?
1) a headache
2) thoughts that someone put my clock forward, since the whole day has just shot by
3) halfway through the first TMA question. I expected to start it tomorrow.

Some videos to accompany this week’s learning:

Now only 2 days behind the course calendar.

I think I’ll batter on with unit 18 between Monday and Friday and see if I can close the gap to zero.

Whether it’s a good thing, or not, I’m addicted to all this maths.

Bedtime reading tonight should involve making a start on the third unit of M343 – applications of probability – I’ve bought secondhand books for that, MT365, and the third-level optimization course. Good idea really, as it’s confirmed that I don’t want to do the optimization.
I got the books for a very reasonable price from:


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