maths study via The Open University

Unit 18 dusted

I had a day of no noise, no computer and no phone.
It translated into 10 hours straight of unit 18 – just finished now.
The assignment question looks ok for the most-part, touch wood (taps head).

I should start unit 19 on Monday, which puts me two days behind the course calendar.

Off out to walk the dog, then play the usual game of Foster’s versus John Smith’s vs Old Speckled Hen. Then off to bed armed with an old MS221 DVD I’ve found, just to rewatch the video lectures that made my brain cringe and cry two years ago. I expect them to be pretty “standard” now.

Progress, and all that.

I’ll also order a book on biomechanics I was made aware of a while back – it’s on the recommended pre-reading list of a couple of biomechanics MSc courses running in the UK and applies, in the main, Newtonian physics to modelling the motion of living creatures – mostly humans. Looks interesting.

Also on the order list are a couple of physics books recommended by Chris over at his blog
( – see the RHS of this page for a live link).


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