maths study via The Open University

Unit 19 buzzing along nicely

Lots of the mechanics that first baffled me early on in the course are developed and extended in unit 19, of which the mission appears to be to derive ways to model several particles and, er, big things around a centre of mass.
Linear algebra required, a good memory for several previous units also required.
Larger jumps in the algebraic resolution of problems, as is to be expected at this point.
In fact, there’s an awful lot squeezed into just four chapters this time round.

Looking at the assignment questions, I can actually answer one using a result derived back in 1984 in pre-O level physics.

I still remember my old physics teacher, Mr Briggs, reinforcing this one.

Sadly, I don’t think quoting a one line theorem in “school level” words is quite what’s needed though to solve this to the OU’s satisfaction. Still, at least I know what the answer has to be…..

In other news, my completed assignment question for unit 18 continues to play at the back of my mind – well, a one mark sub-part near the end of the question which is technically answerable from a standard course result published within the unit does.

Me being me, though, I’ve had to go the long way round and end up with three pages of A4 just to check my answer. And I’m still not convinced. Hmm.

In even further news, I officially have a trapped nerve in my neck. It’s playing merry hell when it detonates every three or four days and some brief physio work hasn’t sorted it out. The worrying bit is that when it does go off, the left side of my face goes a bit numb for a day or so afterwards. The doctor has ruled out anything more than a trapped nerve though, so I guess I just need to throw a couple of hundred ££££££££££££s at the physio instead. Painful in both neck and wallet, and I have resolved to buy some new pillows next time I’m in Tesco.

Not that you needed to know that. 🙂


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