maths study via The Open University

Unit 19 finished and 75% of TMA5 written up.

I like unit 19 – for once my intuition matches with the outcomes, which makes it very easy to follow what’s written.
There are two assignment questions for unit 19 – the first one gave me a brief problem but I’m happy it’s now sorted. I still have the second one to do though, and it’s a bit of a pig.
I also re-did the one mark question from unit 18 again – ending up with a few pages of algebra for one mark – just to a) see that the answer I’ve stated for the one mark is correct and b) to check there’s no way of breaking a certain statement/fact/theorem given in the course notes (well, since it’s a theorem, I shouldn’t find a contradiction – and I didn’t).
I feel that normal modes are now my best friends, albeit boring companions.

On to unit 20 from tomorrow. One week to read, answer the TMA question, then submit in time for the looming TMA 5 deadline.

Looking ahead, it’s Fourier series and PDEs up in block 6, which should begin, for me, from a week on Monday.

I’m looking forward to it in a major way.

In other news – this trapped nerve is still playing me up big time.

Tesco tomorrow night for luxury pillows. 🙂


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