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Unit 20, er, continued

Unit 20 continues to be great fun, though the maths ramped up considerably as we progressed through chapter 2.

Anyway, I now have a basic appreciation for Newton’s law of universal gravitation, geostationary orbits, how fast a car can corner before getting flung into a ditch in mathematical terms, and why fairground rides can scare the pants out of you.

I have one question arising from when we’d expect to find a normal force in a force diagram – one variant I expected to see one in was without, so, on seeing another similar problem, I was surprised to find N back in there.

A call to my tutor, Dr Chris, on Monday, methinks.

Just about to start chapter 3, which gets away from uniform circular motion, and examines, well, you guessed, non-uniform circular motion. What is that? Is it when theta-dot varies? Hmm, I’m about to find out.

12 pages to go in this unit, then time to start the assignment question, which is largely based around this coming chapter, from the looks of it.

I need to post the completed assignment, which is based on units 17, 18, 19 and 20, on Monday.

Talk about cutting it fine.


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