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Unit 21 and first TMA question done

Unit 21 was all about Fourier series.
It was a fairly short unit and reasonably quick to get through (integration by parts and rules to rearrange sigma notation needed off the top of your head).
It felt much more like an M208 unit than an MST209 unit, which was borne out by the first assignment question, which was more an exercise in logic and reasoning than anything else.
Anyway, I have two nice proofs, a sketch, some Mathcad printout, and a numerical result sat here waiting to be sent off.

I plan to re-read the latter parts of the unit, about odd and even extensions, watch the video below again (which made the whole unit click into place for me, and is best watched after the video in my last post), then do the second assignment question tomorrow.

Due to a notable absence of procrastination, I have now got myself a whole five days ahead of the course schedule.

Unit 22 on partial differential equations, hopefully, coming up from Tuesday….

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