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Past paper revision

I have a plan, and began implementing it today.

Spend 2 evenings a week doing past papers and questions from the course units/old TMA questions posted on the course intranet, while dedicating the remaining 5 evenings per week to study of the remaining 6 units in the course.

So, today, with pen in one hand and chicken sandwiches in the other, I got through the 2009 and 2010 past papers as best I could (couldn’t do some stuff as it’s in the final units I’ve not yet studied).

2010 seemed a lot harder than 2009 but both were quite approachable. Some questions took seconds to solve, others had me peering through the course handbook, scratching my head with a chicken sandwich.

Then I found MST326’s revision booklet, which provided further revision for MST209 since most of what’s in the MST326 booklet is initially covered in MST209:$file/ebook_mst326_revisionbooklet_e1i1_web002477_l1.pdf

The booklet was very concise and accessible.

Day off work tomorrow as well = 8 hours of MST209 itself.

It’s been a lllllllllllonnnnnnnnnnggggggggg day.


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  1. Chris Finlay

    Wow you are certainly ahead of the game. On a note related to an earlier posts here is the link to the Cambridge computing projects website

    I’m tempted to try and attempt the core projects during ‘downtime’ starting with the ‘warm up’ on root finding. Partly because of my interests in General relativity I will need a fairly robust differential equation solver

    Of course to get the most of it it would be necessary to read the background theory rather than just concentrating on the programming aspects but I suspect it will degenerate into just programming !!

    I might set up an Open University special forum for solving these projects the range of the level 2 projects is bewildering and should appeal to all sorts of people.

    Best wishes Chris

    July 29, 2011 at 2:18 PM

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