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Ah well

This year’s paper has been released.
Without the pressure of the exam, I went through it and, remembering the mistakes I made on Tuesday – reckon it’ll be a pass two.
It seemed a lot easier today without exam pressure.
A fair paper, indeed.

Without the exam pressure, the questions that gave me trouble became very do-able. That’s one of the more important things – I do have the knowledge, but failed to apply it on Tuesday, when I was in a rushed, almost tunnel-vision frame of mind.

Exam technique, therefore, needs work.

I think I should have a bash at SM358 and MS324 next. If anyone knows where on the OU site the introductory SM358 materials might be, I’d be grateful for a tip. I can’t find them.

I’d like to start with them now before making a final decision in November about registering.

I think I’ll also buy some past MS324 exams to see what the main topics could be.


2 responses

  1. Stuart

    I could say the same about the MST209 exam. I rushed part 1 and made at least 4 errors. Part 2 was OK and then I got stuck finding equilibrium points of all things in part 3. Having seen the paper today I notice I had copied the second equation down wrong. Gave me no chance!

    I got the past papers for MS324 yesterday! I thought after Tuesdays exam, its either give up or get so far ahead the exam becomes a doddle!!

    October 20, 2011 at 4:35 PM

  2. I also made a mess of the equilibrium points. I expect to salvage 5 to 7 marks from 15 for that question. I knew something was wrong as I did it but still had another part three question, two questions in part one, and two questions in part two to get through, so had to cut my time short on it. Driving home, I could solve the equilibrium points in my head – of course, once the pressure was off.

    Getting far ahead on the third level modules does seem the sensible option. 🙂

    October 20, 2011 at 6:36 PM

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