maths study via The Open University

Week 1

M343 study is on hold for a week.
I managed to cover a fair bit before the course forum opened.
I had expected to carry on with it this week, but M347 is causing a few problems.

What problems?

Well, the maths in it is ok so far. But the statistics is a bit confusing.

Yes, I should have done M248 before M347. But, I didn’t.
Therefore, my reward is to hit a fresh e-page of online material, read it through, do the maths, work some answers out, prove something fairly basic, then wonder what the statistical element does or is used for.

That leads to digging out M248 books (I have the books = great), some A level texts, loading up Youtube, making notes, then hoping it all gels at some point in the future.

As it stands, it all makes good sense once I’ve followed the procedure above, but it’s slowing me down.

Consequently, I’m well over time budget for M347 this week.

But, fear not, there are so many examples and additional exercises that even if something is a case of turning the handle to extract an answer for now, it cannot fail to provide a platform on which to consolidate everything as we go forward. I think. 🙂

The notes are excellent. Yes, the initial unit’s notes are brief, but then again, they should be since I should have studied the prerequisite material. I suppose I’m a bit like a student enrolling on a third level course on complex analysis, having never done much real analysis before.

But it’s not all scary. The first half of unit one was all statistics. The second half was standard mathematical methods. That took zero time, by comparison.

I’ll study M347 until Saturday evening, then switch to M343 for a bit.


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