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M347 TMA result in

A bit lower than expected but still a pass one.
I was surprised to see some “red pen” and deducted marks against some of my lines – it seems M347’s marking might be a bit along the lines of an M208-applied-to-stats module ie justifying every move, even when they’re obvious.

I did make one stupid mistake I’ll own up – introducing a substitution during integration and forgetting to swop the variable in the limits. Lol. Newbie. 🙂

Quite funny how the comments in my M343 TMA called for less workings, but M347 clearly needs more.

So, more it shall be. 🙂

Much more.

I’d better get back to looking at both courses – I’ve had a week off to do a load of jobs around the house and am now behind.

The specimen exam paper for M347 has also been uploaded – it looks ok. The first 20% of it was doable, though not within the time frame. It looks like the fundamental festival of calculus.


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