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From slightly in front, to getting well behind with study. To be honest, I like it this way – keeps me on my toes and imparts the sense of urgency I was, sadly, born without.

Why behind? Well, I have used the past week to rebuild sort my house.

First off, I invested in a pressure washer to clean the block paving. The drive is fairly long – a bit too long for a garden hose to do the rounds from kitchen-through-window-round-house-and-up, so I ended up with a pressure-less supply from a 220 litre wheelie bin, with makeshift gauze filter over the end of a hosepipe.

It did the job excellently. So excellently, in fact, that refilling the joints with kiln-dried sand took over 100kg of the tiny particles.

From there to shot-blasting the decking, which had three years of green, slippery grime which did a good job of mimicking the frictional properties of ice when wet.

Then next door and next door but two decided they wanted to avail of my services. Cue weed-ridden patios and baked in dog pee to blast away at.

Feeling brave, adventurous, and in no mood for study, I ripped all the tiles off the kitchen walls. Why, remains a mystery, since there was nothing wrong with them to be honest.

Anyway, some very modern black glass things are arriving tomorrow, to test my tiling skills to the full (shouldn’t be hard to test them to their limits – I managed to slice my fingers and knuckles to bits removing the old tiles).

From there, while waiting for the tiles to arrive, I inexplicably stripped down all the wood trim in the house – bannister rails, foot boards for the patio doors, that sort of thing – and re-stained them in a not so subtle oak-effect.

Kitchen cupboard handles and new sink followed, then painting the lounge, upper kitchen walls and kitchen ceiling.

Lastly, I replaced a fence panel, painted the fencing, installed a raised vegetable bed, and chopped down a tree for another neighbour.

Left to do: tiles up in kitchen without butchering either my hands or the new sink, and wood-treat the decking.

Procrastinating from study? Me? Never.


One response

  1. James Williams


    Who says procrastination can’t be productive!

    I’m about 3 units behind in all 3 of my modules and I just cleaned the entire house, I know how you feel. (though I’m always that far behind, I had to read the last 2 textbooks for MST209 during the final revision week)

    April 5, 2012 at 11:40 PM

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