maths study via The Open University


Just lol.
As of Wednesday just gone, I’m free to do some maths.
The personal problem appears to have gone – I’m actually at home and able to do some work. Finally.

As of Wednesday just gone, I’m about 10 weeks behind on M347 and a month behind on M343.
As of tonight, I’m still 10 weeks behind on M347 but now only a week behind on M343. Sleep is for the weak. 🙂


[It also happens that a large chunk of this month of M343 study is devoted to PDEs – which has certainly been helped no end by my foray last year into various PDE texts. Hence,  many many pages of reading saved.]

I had to miss the second TMA for M347, but it’s not a problem as the “rules” for the module allow you to miss one completely – as long as you get a certain minimum score on the rest of the TMAs and iCMAs.

I’m just over halfway through the second TMA for M343 – it needs to be posted on Monday evening, and plan to pull a 40 hour stint over tomorrow, Sunday and Monday to get the rest of the required reading and the TMA done.

I’m doing the TMA mostly backwards – there’s a PDE that’s supposed to be a bit tricky but it only took five mins with some algebraic jiggery pokery, so I must be at least half-focused right now.

That means that the easier stuff is up next, which is good.

The plan goes like this:

Now to 18 June: M343 TMA2,
18 June- 24 June: read another 2 chapters of M343, submit next CMA,
24 June – 16 July: read 6 units ie 12 weeks worth of M347, submit TMA3, do various iCMAs (doable with 40 hours study a week).

To make this happen: I have gone (very) part-time in work.
Boss is cool with it. She has a maths degree but her eyes glazed over when I started chatting about Lagrange’s equation. She didn’t want to know 🙂 – just said: “Bugger off then and come back when you’re up-to-date.”

All I can say, is that it is PAINFUL being this far behind – it’s almost at the point of no return.


Off to bed.

Night all.


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