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Home stretch

Nearly there. Another eight hours should see this assignment in the bag.
Will then write up some brief notes about each chapter, then do a bit of web-searching for some more background on Lagrange’s equation, then crack on with reading up for the CMA.

As an aside, because I know some of you are thinking of taking M347, here’s a link to a book recommended by one of the lecturers: Hogg, McKean and Craig: An Introduction to Mathematical Statistics.

I’ve bought it, and it covers a fair bit of what’s in M347.

This is the seventh edition, but you can get the sixth edition for around 20 quid on ebay.

Reviews of the sixth edition are here.

Seems to be suitable for both upper undergraduate and introductory postgraduate work.

Don’t let the “Introduction” in the title fool you – there’s a whole subset of statistics below the level this book is pitched at.

A much more introductory title is Probability and Statistical Inference by Hogg and Tanis.
Reviews here.


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