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Result back

The second TMA for M343 arrived back today.
Considering I have been assigned a temporary tutor until my regular one returns, I’m impressed by the nine day turn around – I expected to see it back nearer the end of July.

He said the same as the regular tutor – I’m over-writing, wasting time proving basic results which are given in the handbook. I thought I’d stripped this TMA down to the bone – it was half the length of TMA1.

Anyway, perfect marks on the maths questions, but a few dropped on a wordy question about fitting scenarios to models.

So, near the elusive 100% but still no cigar (I don’t think I’ll be seeing the cigar on this course).

With the CMA submitted more than a week early, that’s four of the six assignments for M343 done, though the CMA result won’t be out for another week.

Attention has now been turned, fully, to M347 – Mathematical Statistics. I got so far behind on this that I’m having to read at 4 x the course pace to catch up.

I expect to be fully caught up two days before the mid-July TMA cut-off date whereupon, of course, I’ll be behind with M343 again.

I should be fully caught up on both by the end of July, then plan to get a month ahead by the end of August by doing around 50 hours of maths a week.

I then need to complete my maths degree with three more level three maths courses and the MSXR209 residential by July 2013 as it looks like I’ve been accepted to study the GDL (postgraduate law degree-equivalent) in September 2013 – a bit left-field, but my solicitor has been on at me for ages to do one.

Back to studying conjugate models in the context of statistics.


2 responses

  1. Chris Finlay

    Well some of the best lawyers have been mathematicians I guess it’s having to justify each step and have the ability to produce a logical argument or point out flaws in other arguments. Well done on the TMA’s

    Best wishes Chris

    June 29, 2012 at 8:00 PM

  2. Lord Denning springs to mind. Thanks for the well-wishes – am having some major headaches on M347 though – all stemming back to stuff derived earlier in the course.
    A night of Youtube and wiki etc to see if I can get some intuition.

    June 29, 2012 at 8:31 PM

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