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Do I or don’t I

Chuck the towel in on M347, that is?

I’ll admit it’s beating me quite badly.
Forget the being behind bit – the trying to understand what’s going on bit has really got me flummoxed.
It’s weird but the maths is quite doable – easy in many respects. It’s the understanding what the heck is going on that’s got me. Badly.

There’s so much gamma this and beta that going on in unit 8, that I’m getting to a point where:
a) nothing is going in, and
b) I’m spending hours trying to find where subtle substitutions in expressions are coming from.

I think this boils down to one thing: make sure you’ve done the level two stats courses first – I haven’t.

Right now, I would consider a result, in the exam, of 16% – fail – entitled to resit to be a minor victory. As it stands, I think I’ll be lucky to get a few marks.

Which is odd given I’ve got most of the iCMA questions right – and there have been a fair few. I just have no clue of what each answer means or how it might be applied in any other context.

Mind you, everyone else on the course seems to be flying along. Maybe I’ve decided, subconsciously, to find this difficult. Who knows.

Will do another 20 hours or so over the next couple of days then make a decision.


2 responses

  1. Chris Finlay

    Well it’s up to you but I wouldn’t be so sure that every one else on the course is flying along what you mean is that every one who contributes to the fora seems to be flying along. I guess quite a few people get intimidated by those who boast “oo look at me I’ve already completed the course and am far far way ahead than the rest of you thickies “. Well I exaggerate but you know what I mean. I guess if you are going to do law then its not so important anymore and it would enable you to focus on M343.

    In my OU career I started a few courses and then gave up half way through so no need to feel gulity or anything. Unfortunately you still have to pay the course fees.

    As for doing the level two statistics courses I’m not sure that would have helped I certainly don’t remember to many gammas and betas.

    Best wishes Chris

    July 1, 2012 at 12:05 PM

  2. Hi,
    I agree with Chris. I reckon you’re far from alone in having trouble with the course. I don’t really frequent the fora anymore, not since First Class really, but surely its people that are ahead who are most likely to make a point of saying so. There’s surely many more struggling along in silence. That being said, I would hate to feel the way you do, and would probably be tempted to chuck it in myself. I guess only you know in the end.
    Whatever you choose, it looks like you’re not going to take the decision lightly, so you’re sure to come to the right conclusion. Have you made a decision yet by the way?
    Neil H

    July 2, 2012 at 12:54 PM

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