maths study via The Open University

M337 Complex Analysis books here

These arrived yesterday and are mega-interesting.
I’ve skim-read the first four chapters, after reminding myself of some of the results from real analysis – well, more reminding myself of the need for structure in the arguments, really.

Really looking forward to this course.

Have also realised that SM358 – The Quantum World – runs from February and not October as I supposed, so I might well take it, as there’ll only be four-ish months of overlap with M337, as opposed to nine.

I’ve nearly finished reading a couple of books on QM – with all the maths and lots of history – and thought the calculations were ok, even if the way some of the ideas that were arrived at and later shown to be true was odd at times.

I can’t help feeling that there’s a whole chunk of other stuff going on, in tandem with our observable QM world, though.

M343’s final assignment came back through the post this morning and I’m pleased to say it’s a pass one on the assignment side of things – I dropped 10 marks all year, so happy with that.

Exam revision begins tomorrow – I’m busy watching lectures on Einstein’s Relativities today and trying to readjust my brain to accept some of the implications.

M347’s cancellation has been actioned by the university.

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