maths study via The Open University

Revision day one

A productive first day, where I bashed through as many part one questions – ie shorter ones – as I could find.
Most of it came back to me quite quickly – certainly less to remember than a second level 60 point course like MST209 – and I think I got most of it right.

One niggling answer in the specimen paper – just written down as a single figure in the solution guide – spent too long trying to work out how they got it.

So, 2-dimensional Poisson processes, survivor/hazard/life functions, geometric Brownian motion, Markov Chains, R and S distances and hypothesis testing, Galton-Watson branching processes and Newton-Raphson iteration, random walks, queueing theory, and epidemic modelling done.

Just having some dinner in a minute – hopefully mop up the pints of coffee which have given me the shakes – then back onto partial differential equations in the form of Lagrange’s equation, then bed.

Having looked through the past papers, it seems there’s no way of avoiding gene inheritance-type questions – I hate these with a passion, so have blocked out five hours on Saturday to run through them.

Slightly less worried than I was at early o’clock today, but still worried.

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