maths study via The Open University

Sub-sequence of Sod’s Law comes into play

Just as I’m in full pelt with M337, just as I’m thinking **** me, I can actually understand (most of) this stuff, the phone rings.

Old work colleague who escaped over the horizon had heard I quit work.
Dangles carrot in my direction.
Interesting carrot.

“Let me know on Monday, chap.”

Eeeek. Daddy or chips time (old reference to old tv ad – Google it, if you’re bored).

Will need to use The Force to fight this one.

On a different note, if anyone knows of a free-standing, swivel, non-magnetic whiteboard (size 180 x 120 cm) for less than 151 quid, please let me know.

I had a go on one last week, and they are infinitely more useful than paper and pen – seems to be easier to do maths standing up, too. 🙂

Thanks. 🙂


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