maths study via The Open University

This is more like it

As difficult as the assignments are, and as tricky as some of the concepts are, I have to say that pure maths and analysis is more my cuppa than the statistics side as encountered earlier this year.

That’s probably not very helpful, as the statistics is probably much more useful on the job front, and I also need it to crack these actuarial exams, but I have to be honest and say there’s something nice about cracking open a new analysis topic, reading the text through, then going back and reading it again.

And again.

Picking up a little more insight each time.

I’ve taken to sketching things where possible – sometimes three or four hour detours just to check intuition, or get a handle on some form of visual representation.

Complex analysis is where it’s at for me right now, but I’m also very much looking forward to a bit of applied maths through the quantum mechanics course which starts soon.

The absolute plan is to be ready months before the exam for each topic.


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