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Tackling M337

I have to admit, I’ve got right into this course.
There are bits that confuse me – certain arguments relating to continuity – and I’m finding it easier to use contra-positive arguments in some cases, although I’m not sure how “acceptable” that approach is.

Will I await the re-posting of some block B books (right cover, wrong innards), I’ve gone back to re-read all of the A block again, and do the exercises at the back rather than the problems littered throughout the main text.

And I’ve found a few places where my first assignment can be a bit tighter, better defined, clearer, crisper, cleaner. So, I’m changing bits and bobs, but not before having a really good think about some of the rules, theorems and proofs.

I’ve also decided that next assignment I’ll apply the RTBQ approach – on reading some of the questions to TMA1, I’ve managed to miss some key, very pointed-out things.

Less haste, better results, and all that. Hopefully.

22 days to go until I leave work.
My friend with the other job phoned again tonight – I’ve asked him if I can have until Monday to decide – do I do no work at all and nail most of level three of this maths degree this year, or do I bow to the pound sign, and double the duration?

I really can’t decide. Really. Really.

On a different note, I’ve ordered On Quaternions and Octonions by Conway and Smith, which looks like a very good extension to multi-dimensional analysis, if I understand what the Amazon info is telling me correctly. Best of all, the few pages that were free to browse on Amazon were completely understandable – it didn’t go off at 1000mph.

Some complex analysis videos below.



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