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M337 TMA2 back and first online tutorial for SM358 “attended”

Happy with the score for M337’s second assignment, though some of the reasons given for deducting marks seem very harsh. Bit of a tough audience this time.

Most of the work where marks were lost was included in my original draft, but chopped out of my final write up for being so obvious I thought they didn’t need including.

Can’t elaborate on them as some students may be on a time extension.

Five marks lost, in total.

In other news, I “attended” SM358’s virtual tutorial on techniques of integration and, not being near pen or paper, got to do them in my head, which was interesting to say the least as some weren’t exactly straightforward. Still, I’m all for trying to expand my onboard memory – even if the RAM pack needs to be bigger. 🙂


M337 TMA2 sent and SM358 books opened

M337 TMA2 went off today, together with my best guess at how to prove something which seemed rather abstract in nature – the bit I was stuck on.

No idea how correct my proof is, but I think it’s probably on the right lines.

Tomorrow kicks off my SM358 Quantum mechanics catch-up, but I have had the books out and Wiki open, turning posh words into normal words – infinite square well potential and all that.

Too early to say much except I opened the first TMA and discovered that a large lump of marks will depend on some fancy prose rather than mathematics, though there is maths in there for plenty of marks, too.

Just feels a bit of a weird and more subjective layout when compared with the absolute rigour of 100 marks-worth of maths at a time.

I’m going to buy some of the books Chris has previously mentioned on his blog to see a lot deeper into this subject than undergraduate level might otherwise go – it does interest me.

Aside from that, and thinking of moving to the outskirts of London in the near future, nothing new to report.




M337 TMA2 is sat here ready to go, apart from one part of one question, which is starting to get to me.

I needed to have posted it today to reach the tutor on time on Wednesday, but have opted to give myself another 24 hours and drive it 70 miles to hand deliver it tomorrow night.

Planning to take 10 minutes down time now, then start back at this part-question, and run it through to about 3am if needs be, then start again tomorrow if I still haven’t cracked it.

A few tricky questions in this assignment, I thought, and careful re-reading of my answers showed me I’d dropped minus signs, compiled silly general series terms, and done some other daft stuff – so draft two was born. 🙂

Looking forward to 10 days straight of quantum mechanics from Wednesday, at 8-10 hours a day to catch up (I’m just over a fortnight behind).

The plan is TMA3 for complex analysis in by end March and TMA4 in by 3rd week April, putting me a month ahead of the study calendar to get down to some serious revision.

Nothing incredibly difficult in units A1 to A4 and B1 to B4 but I’m not sure how I’m going to remember half of the methods used come exam time, apart from practise.