maths study via The Open University

M337 TMA2 back and first online tutorial for SM358 “attended”

Happy with the score for M337’s second assignment, though some of the reasons given for deducting marks seem very harsh. Bit of a tough audience this time.

Most of the work where marks were lost was included in my original draft, but chopped out of my final write up for being so obvious I thought they didn’t need including.

Can’t elaborate on them as some students may be on a time extension.

Five marks lost, in total.

In other news, I “attended” SM358’s virtual tutorial on techniques of integration and, not being near pen or paper, got to do them in my head, which was interesting to say the least as some weren’t exactly straightforward. Still, I’m all for trying to expand my onboard memory – even if the RAM pack needs to be bigger. 🙂



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