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Next course and stuff

It’s been yonks since I’ve updated.

Binned SM358 – no time – and managed a pass two on M337 complex analysis in the end – simply ran out of time in the exam, which I thought was pretty easy, to be fair, apart from me writing ever more slowly as the years go by.

Logged in to my next course’s home page tonight to find a boatload of bloggers in there. Woohoo.

Chris and gang, see you there. It’s M381 for me as well this year. Roll on number theory and logic (looking forward to the logic side).

In other news, I have gone a bit programming mad.
I couldn’t have “programmed” a digital watch with the time four months ago but have, since then, learned Python through Udacity, which is a great, free resource.

I’ve also learned HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery and PHP through, which is a f***ing awesome paid-for resource (about 15 quid a month depending on the Sterling/U.S. dollar exchange rate), it has to be said.

Just delving into Ruby on Rails and Java via Android apps at the mo (well, I would be if my computer wasn’t so knackered that the Android emulator that comes with the Google Developer’s Kit takes over half an hour to load up).

C# planned after Java. 😉

Just in the middle of a Udacity course on cryptography, which marries probability theory and number theory to various other aspects of maths. It’s fairly hard going, especially as I haven’t done any number theory in real life yet (hence M381).