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A cracking little watch

I thought this video was a cracker and ended up with several sheets of A4 of ideas to explore. Maybe others studying M381 will find it worthwhile, too.

Still messing around….

…. with the last two questions of the logic assignment questions.

Several hours invested for, er, lots of screwed up bits of paper.

It’s just gone 11pm. I’m giving this until 4am, then going to bed.

Wired on coffee right now.

Starting another new job (still temporary) shortly, so no chance of pulling 4am jobs then.

Making the most of that luxury right now.

Hoping all doing this course this year do well on it – it has the potential to be a tricky one.

Numero Theorio and the logic behind maths

So, thought I’d better get round to reading the NT and ML books.

Number Theory units 1&2 – thought they were pretty straightforward.
Thought the assignment questions were, too, though two sneaky hidden detonators in the wording of two questions – ignore the subtlety at your peril.

Mathematical Logic – the bit I was looking forward to. Bit more treacle-like for me. Bit more marmite flavoured in places, too.
Constructing Unlimited Register Machines is a pain in the arris…. until you twig two key points, one of which is the huge advantage of jumping to a non-existent line of code just before a program ends naturally.
My TMA URMs are pretty short, but work.
Explaining how they work – ie the underlying logic behind them – for the tutor – well, she’ll have to decode some cryptic clues.

Peeing around with the final bit of the ML assignment questions now – taking longer than wanted.

Anyway, I have until 5pm tomorrow night, then it’s in the post and I am down the pub.