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Numero Theorio and the logic behind maths

So, thought I’d better get round to reading the NT and ML books.

Number Theory units 1&2 – thought they were pretty straightforward.
Thought the assignment questions were, too, though two sneaky hidden detonators in the wording of two questions – ignore the subtlety at your peril.

Mathematical Logic – the bit I was looking forward to. Bit more treacle-like for me. Bit more marmite flavoured in places, too.
Constructing Unlimited Register Machines is a pain in the arris…. until you twig two key points, one of which is the huge advantage of jumping to a non-existent line of code just before a program ends naturally.
My TMA URMs are pretty short, but work.
Explaining how they work – ie the underlying logic behind them – for the tutor – well, she’ll have to decode some cryptic clues.

Peeing around with the final bit of the ML assignment questions now – taking longer than wanted.

Anyway, I have until 5pm tomorrow night, then it’s in the post and I am down the pub.


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