maths study via The Open University

M381 – some more done

NT3 and NT4 seemed reasonable to read.
The NT assignment questions seemed quite removed from the material.
But they got chipped away little by little and, I confess, I have had to spend more time on them than I think I should have. But I have solutions which appear to work, to the detriment of my sleeping pattern.

ML2 and 3 – just lol.
After the first read of ML2, I felt like I did when I was 13 years old and introduced to the laws of logs by our old maverick of a maths teacher, whose name I cannot remember. I remember thinking they were black magic. I thought the same of the wizardry in ML2.
I re-read and the just lol diluted to lol. I even have lol written in some of the margins.
Re-read number 2 (so read number 3) changed lol to hmm.
And re-read number 3 (read number 4) changed hmm to ok, I follow everything they’re doing but still feel as though I’d crumble on these in an exam. (Right now, I would, so I guess I need to structure many hours for revision). Consider this a note to future self 🙂
I did enjoy the uncountably infinite sets and coding mcgubbins though.

ML3 was less of a testicle ache as there was some computation to do. But then it descended into the depths of hell halfway through and I still (after four reads) find myself being poked by the fiery stick of mathematical hades.

To that end, Q1-8 of TMA2 are done and I still have Q9 to go and, maximally, three days to do it in, unless I choose to deliver my TMA in advance of its cut-off time by some as yet uninvented distance portal.

The logic side of M381 is, so far, nothing at all like I expected it to be. It looks like it turns a corner soon though. I shall be waiting for it as I’ve had enough of this particular street.


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