maths study via The Open University


Just missed the necessary mark for a grade one on M381.
So, grade two instead.

Have claimed the Open degree.

Have also enrolled on MT365 for next academic year – I have an old copy of the books here and have pretty much read them through on a first pass.

MSXR209 residential course this week – assignment one done to bring with me.

Have also hired a very talented PhD student to teach me post-grad financial maths, as well as a measure theoretic approach to probability, and Lebesgue integration – which has turned out to be great fun.

This will partly underpin what I am hoping to get out of the Big Data MSc.

To that end, I have signed up with Udacity for their nano degree in big data – basically just starting to plough through programming Python. Have to start somewhere.

So, the next 12 months are:
MSXR209 residential, MT365, nano degree, financial maths, measure theory and Lebesgue integration.

As I have recently changed jobs to one where I am a lot closer to home, I figure I can spare 50 hours a week for private study.

One response

  1. dan

    Well done mate. Great result for a not so easy paper.

    Physics Jedi

    August 2, 2014 at 10:16 PM

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