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M381 – some more done

NT3 and NT4 seemed reasonable to read.
The NT assignment questions seemed quite removed from the material.
But they got chipped away little by little and, I confess, I have had to spend more time on them than I think I should have. But I have solutions which appear to work, to the detriment of my sleeping pattern.

ML2 and 3 – just lol.
After the first read of ML2, I felt like I did when I was 13 years old and introduced to the laws of logs by our old maverick of a maths teacher, whose name I cannot remember. I remember thinking they were black magic. I thought the same of the wizardry in ML2.
I re-read and the just lol diluted to lol. I even have lol written in some of the margins.
Re-read number 2 (so read number 3) changed lol to hmm.
And re-read number 3 (read number 4) changed hmm to ok, I follow everything they’re doing but still feel as though I’d crumble on these in an exam. (Right now, I would, so I guess I need to structure many hours for revision). Consider this a note to future self 🙂
I did enjoy the uncountably infinite sets and coding mcgubbins though.

ML3 was less of a testicle ache as there was some computation to do. But then it descended into the depths of hell halfway through and I still (after four reads) find myself being poked by the fiery stick of mathematical hades.

To that end, Q1-8 of TMA2 are done and I still have Q9 to go and, maximally, three days to do it in, unless I choose to deliver my TMA in advance of its cut-off time by some as yet uninvented distance portal.

The logic side of M381 is, so far, nothing at all like I expected it to be. It looks like it turns a corner soon though. I shall be waiting for it as I’ve had enough of this particular street.

M381 TMA1 back and progressing through the next bits

I have been somewhat slack in keeping M381 study going since submitting the first TMA. Lots of other stuff to do, including making progress with some maths courses from alternative tertiary education providers.

To that end, I have set aside 16 hours a week from Saturday to plough directly into M381 – I’m thinking eight hours on each Saturday and Sunday as my, er, social calendar is looking a bit empty for the winter months.

So, TMA1 back – a couple of small omissions on my part and a little red pen where it became clear that I, correctly, answered one question but it was in an out-of-the-box style the university wasn’t expecting. Proof by induction – be gone. 🙂 [Didn’t specify PBI so didn’t do it that way.]

I am starting to make headway with analytic number theory as a separate interest – I *think* (read, may change direction for the 20th time) I want to have a bash at The Calculus of Variations and Analytic Number Theory I, at least, from the Masters syllabus once the undergrad stuff is out of the way.

Hope everyone got the TMA result they were after.


A cracking little watch

I thought this video was a cracker and ended up with several sheets of A4 of ideas to explore. Maybe others studying M381 will find it worthwhile, too.

Still messing around….

…. with the last two questions of the logic assignment questions.

Several hours invested for, er, lots of screwed up bits of paper.

It’s just gone 11pm. I’m giving this until 4am, then going to bed.

Wired on coffee right now.

Starting another new job (still temporary) shortly, so no chance of pulling 4am jobs then.

Making the most of that luxury right now.

Hoping all doing this course this year do well on it – it has the potential to be a tricky one.

Numero Theorio and the logic behind maths

So, thought I’d better get round to reading the NT and ML books.

Number Theory units 1&2 – thought they were pretty straightforward.
Thought the assignment questions were, too, though two sneaky hidden detonators in the wording of two questions – ignore the subtlety at your peril.

Mathematical Logic – the bit I was looking forward to. Bit more treacle-like for me. Bit more marmite flavoured in places, too.
Constructing Unlimited Register Machines is a pain in the arris…. until you twig two key points, one of which is the huge advantage of jumping to a non-existent line of code just before a program ends naturally.
My TMA URMs are pretty short, but work.
Explaining how they work – ie the underlying logic behind them – for the tutor – well, she’ll have to decode some cryptic clues.

Peeing around with the final bit of the ML assignment questions now – taking longer than wanted.

Anyway, I have until 5pm tomorrow night, then it’s in the post and I am down the pub.

Next course and stuff

It’s been yonks since I’ve updated.

Binned SM358 – no time – and managed a pass two on M337 complex analysis in the end – simply ran out of time in the exam, which I thought was pretty easy, to be fair, apart from me writing ever more slowly as the years go by.

Logged in to my next course’s home page tonight to find a boatload of bloggers in there. Woohoo.

Chris and gang, see you there. It’s M381 for me as well this year. Roll on number theory and logic (looking forward to the logic side).

In other news, I have gone a bit programming mad.
I couldn’t have “programmed” a digital watch with the time four months ago but have, since then, learned Python through Udacity, which is a great, free resource.

I’ve also learned HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery and PHP through, which is a f***ing awesome paid-for resource (about 15 quid a month depending on the Sterling/U.S. dollar exchange rate), it has to be said.

Just delving into Ruby on Rails and Java via Android apps at the mo (well, I would be if my computer wasn’t so knackered that the Android emulator that comes with the Google Developer’s Kit takes over half an hour to load up).

C# planned after Java. 😉

Just in the middle of a Udacity course on cryptography, which marries probability theory and number theory to various other aspects of maths. It’s fairly hard going, especially as I haven’t done any number theory in real life yet (hence M381).

M337 TMA2 back and first online tutorial for SM358 “attended”

Happy with the score for M337’s second assignment, though some of the reasons given for deducting marks seem very harsh. Bit of a tough audience this time.

Most of the work where marks were lost was included in my original draft, but chopped out of my final write up for being so obvious I thought they didn’t need including.

Can’t elaborate on them as some students may be on a time extension.

Five marks lost, in total.

In other news, I “attended” SM358’s virtual tutorial on techniques of integration and, not being near pen or paper, got to do them in my head, which was interesting to say the least as some weren’t exactly straightforward. Still, I’m all for trying to expand my onboard memory – even if the RAM pack needs to be bigger. 🙂