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Past paper revision

I have a plan, and began implementing it today.

Spend 2 evenings a week doing past papers and questions from the course units/old TMA questions posted on the course intranet, while dedicating the remaining 5 evenings per week to study of the remaining 6 units in the course.

So, today, with pen in one hand and chicken sandwiches in the other, I got through the 2009 and 2010 past papers as best I could (couldn’t do some stuff as it’s in the final units I’ve not yet studied).

2010 seemed a lot harder than 2009 but both were quite approachable. Some questions took seconds to solve, others had me peering through the course handbook, scratching my head with a chicken sandwich.

Then I found MST326’s revision booklet, which provided further revision for MST209 since most of what’s in the MST326 booklet is initially covered in MST209:$file/ebook_mst326_revisionbooklet_e1i1_web002477_l1.pdf

The booklet was very concise and accessible.

Day off work tomorrow as well = 8 hours of MST209 itself.

It’s been a lllllllllllonnnnnnnnnnggggggggg day.