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Hmm, well, it looked like a smallish book but those 50 or so pages have been deceptively time-consuming.
None of the maths in it has been “difficult” – in fact, they methods are pretty basic. The time demand, however, has been on trying to remember what notation and layout goes with what solution.
I can see the subscript E getting left off come exam time (chapter 3).
I can also see me overlooking some very basic checking procedures regarding vectors and vector spaces.

I guess my main problem, overall, is simply one of remembering how to present things.

And, arguably, that’s not too bad a thing. I don’t expect to fall foul of any computational work anyway.

Just about to start LA4, which looks like the same level of density.

I expect, by the end of the linear algebra block, to have lost all and any time advantage I had, especially as I am trying to do TMAs for another (easier) course right now, which is chomping at the free hours.

I was slightly motivated by my group theory assignment result which is significantly better than the first assignment’s score. High pass one. All good.

I’m now looking at next year’s courses and have this strong feeling I’ll now be bailing into the Economics and Mathematical Sciences degree for no reason other than it will take me a year less to complete it by virtue of feeling confident with running with a 60 point economics course at the same time as a 30 point maths course at level three next year.

To get the same number of points done in maths, I’d be looking at juggling three 30 point maths courses, which would implode my brain.

I don’t strictly need a maths degree for work, just one with a high math content, of which the E&MS is 2/3rds mathematics.

I’ve given up looking at the course forum online – everyone posting in there seems to be a naturally gifted mathematician and there is a slight air of superiority right now. Being a bog standard bloke bending his brain trying to get this stuff done, I’m afraid that other people’s confidence does not rub off on me. The opposite is true and I feel almost “not worthy” to be doing the course, despite high marks so far.

Right, off for a cigarette in the back garden and a nose through the Schaum’s outlines book on linear algebra.

More posting after LA4 is finished, which might be in one week or a month. Or more. 😦